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Moving company Leeuwarden

Moving company Leeuwarden

Are you moving to Leeuwarden soon and would you like to enlist the help of professionals? Then look no further. At Snellejongens, we can take over the entire move for you. We are a moving company in Leeuwarden with an excellent reputation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we carry out every move quickly, safely and efficiently. Moreover, you can also contact us for renting out a moving lift or secure furniture storage. Do you want more information? Contact us now and receive a free quote.


A moving company in Leeuwarden that takes care of everything for you

When moving house, many people only think about moving your belongings. However, there is much more to a moving job. For example, you have to pack all your things in a structured way and you have to completely clean your old home. You also have to decorate the new house and probably also have to do some chores. The help of an experienced and reliable moving company is therefore certainly welcome. A moving company will help you with the moving job from start to finish. This means that they assist you with packing, transport and organizing the new home. This way you save a lot of time and you can be sure that all work will run smoothly.

How does the Fast Boys Moving Company distinguish itself?

Leeuwarden is one of the most important cities in Friesland. It is therefore not surprising that there are a lot of moving companies in this region. However, at Snellejongens we go a step further than the competition. Not only do we ensure a fast and safe relocation, we also work at very competitive rates. Thanks to our unique approach, we can guide you in a very cheap way during the entire moving job. Fast Boys moving company ensures a carefree moving day with an optimal result every time!

An all-round moving service in Leeuwarden

Fast Boys is a real moving specialist in Leeuwarden. You can contact us for the complete picture. We have experience with all possible relocations and we also offer many specialized relocation services. Our all-round movers take care of everything for you and offer the following services, among others:

Fast mover from or to Leeuwarden

In recent years, our movers have developed a unique working method in which they work very purposefully. They know how hectic and chaotic the period surrounding a move can be and they therefore approach every move as efficiently as possible. This way they lose very little time and can finish any job as quickly as possible. Before we start a move, we always draw up a schedule. If the work is delayed due to unexpected circumstances, our movers will work a little longer. It is very important to us to provide time for every move and we therefore always try to meet every deadline.

Moving service in Leeuwarden at the lowest price

Furthermore, our cheap price list is also a very important spearhead. Some moving companies constantly charge extra costs and many people therefore hesitate to outsource their move. However, at Snellejongens we do everything we can to keep costs down as much as possible. Our efficient approach and our fast working method ensure very low and attractive prices. Moreover, we always look at the available budget. We adapt our working method to your possibilities and we ensure that our offer fully fits within your financial possibilities.

The best moving material

A move is only successful if the entire contents are ready for use and undamaged in the new home. To ensure an excellent result, we only use the best material. For example, we have large, sturdy moving boxes and we have special blankets with which we can protect fragile items. We also carry out the move ourselves with fully equipped moving vans. We have applied a soft protective layer in the trolleys, so that we also protect the furniture against possible damage during the journey. Finally, you can also rent a moving lift from us. Especially if you have to go to a higher floor, a removal lift is an indispensable tool.

Removals throughout Leeuwarden and the surrounding area

Leeuwarden is a big city. It is not always easy to find your way in the maze of streets. Fortunately, you can go to Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens for removals throughout the city of Leeuwarden and the surrounding area. We have recently helped people move in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Inner city
  • Pot margin zone
  • Old East
  • Sonnenborg eo
  • Westeinde eo
  • Vossepark & ​​Helicon
  • Huizum-West
  • Nijlan & De Zwette
  • Heechterp & Schieringen
  • Camminghaburen eo
  • Bilgaard & Havankpark eo
  • Freedom week
  • Dockumer eo
  • Stiens eo
  • Aldlan & De Hemrik
  • Goutum
  • Hempens/Teerns & Zuiderburen
  • The Southlands
  • Middelsee
  • Villages South East
  • Villages South West
  • Grou eo

A unique and targeted approach

No two moves are the same. That is why we draw up our own action plan for every relocation job. To determine the exact working method, we always start with an exploratory conversation. The introductory meeting is the ideal opportunity to tell us what you are looking for and which points we should definitely take into account. After this first meeting, we determine which tasks must be carried out correctly and we draw up a schedule. During the move, we adhere to this strict schedule and only make adjustments if you give us permission to do so. Moving company Snelle Boys puts the customer first and attaches great importance to open communication.

The best movers in Leeuwarden

At Snellejongens, we have a large team of professionally trained movers. Our employees help people move every day and always work professionally. Whether you just need help with packing or if you outsource the entire move to us, our professionals always work correctly and efficiently. Moreover, they always start a task full of enthusiasm. They do not shy away from a challenge and they are motivated at all times to ensure the best result. We owe our good reputation in large part to our experienced and all-round movers!

Rent a moving lift in Leeuwarden

Some people like to be in control and choose to do the entire move themselves. Even then, however, the services of Snellejongens can come in handy. If you move to a higher floor, you can, for example, rent a removal lift from us. A removal lift is a platform that is electrically powered. The big advantage of our removal lifts is that even the heaviest items are easily brought up. This way you don't have to lug anything up a narrow stairwell yourself and you save a lot of time and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I report a move? 2024-05-29T06:37:19+02:00

The earlier you reserve the date, the greater the chance that the desired date is available. Please take this into account at least three weeks in advance. Of course there is a chance to discuss a moving date in the short term, if we are available on the desired date.

Can I help during the move? 2024-05-29T06:36:47+02:00

We work on an hourly basis. If you enlist your friends and family to help with the move, that will of course save time. This naturally results in a lower bill.

When is it wise to rent a moving lift? 2023-12-13T08:06:08+02:00

When moving from or to a terraced or detached house, a moving elevator not necessary. When moving from or to a flat or apartment on the first floor or higher, we often recommend using a removal lift to make the move go quickly and smoothly.

How much does a move in Leeuwarden cost? 2023-05-04T13:57:46+02:00

The costs for a move in Leeuwarden depend on the type of move. You can hire a mover from as little as €35 per hour and renting a removal lift costs €60 per hour. Would you like to receive a tailor-made offer? Then fill in the quote form and receive a quote for your move within 24 hours.

Outsource your move to Leeuwarden to Fast Boys now

Are you interested in one of our moving services or do you want to outsource your entire move in Leeuwarden to us? Call us right away or send us an e-mail. Our experts are happy to explain exactly what we can do for you. As soon as you have communicated your wishes and requirements to them, they will immediately look for a suitable solution. Our movers also immediately draw up a free quote without obligation. This proposal has been fully adapted to your wishes and possibilities, so that you can make a well-considered and correct choice in peace!