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Moving company Groningen

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Are you looking for professional help to arrange your move to or from Groningen? Then choose Fast Boys! We are, after all, a professional moving company in Groningen with years of experience. We have already carried out several removals in the Groningen region and we therefore know what we should definitely take into account. Moreover, our movers use a very targeted approach and only work with the best work material. In this way, they ensure that the entire relocation job is handled correctly and that they bring your belongings quickly and safely to the new home. Are you interested in a collaboration? Request a quote without obligation!


What can a moving company in Groningen do for you?

Moving to Groningen is quite an undertaking that involves a lot of work. You need to pack your belongings efficiently, arrange transportation, arrange all paperwork in a timely manner and fully decorate the new home. Moreover, while you are arranging the move, everyday life continues as usual. It is therefore a very good idea to hire a moving company. Professional movers take over the entire moving job from A to Z. They have the necessary material and sufficient expertise to arrange the entire move quickly and smoothly. While they are busy with the heavy, physical work, you can quietly deal with the administrative side and you can already think about the decoration of the new house.

A very wide and complete range of services

The movers of Snellejongens have years of experience. You can therefore call on our moving company for all possible moves. Moreover, you are not obliged to outsource your entire move to us. Our service package also includes many specialized services that you can use separately:

How does Snellejongens differ from other moving companies?

Groningen is a bustling city with a lot to experience. The historic center consists of numerous squares where you can enjoy a snack and a drink. In the suburbs you will find a beautiful nature reserve where you can completely relax. It is wonderful to live in Groningen and many Dutch people are looking for a home in this impressive region. It goes without saying that there are several moving companies active in the Groningen area. At Snellejongens, however, we provide a service that is clearly better than that of the competition. We work very quickly, safely and correctly. Moreover, the customer is central to us and we offer our moving services at the best prices.

Fast Boys allow you to move quickly to or within Groningen

A move is a stressful, tiring and often chaotic period. You have to take a lot of things into account and you quickly lose the overview. Our movers therefore carry out every move as quickly as possible. Thanks to strict planning, they can work very purposefully, so that they do not lose time at any time. Moreover, they always keep to the agreements made and they adopt a flexible attitude. They also work, if necessary, on weekends and public holidays. They do everything they can to complete the entire move according to the schedule, so that you can move into your new home on the agreed date.

Relocation service in Groningen of a very high quality

It is extremely important to us that we always deliver work of the very best quality. Our movers handle all your belongings with the utmost care and they only use the latest moving equipment. They use large, sturdy moving boxes for packing and valuable or fragile items are protected against damage with extra moving cloths. They use professional removal vans to safely transport the household effects to the new home. The inside of these trolleys is finished with a very soft layer, so that your furniture will certainly not be damaged on the way. For moves to a higher floor, our employees use a removal lift.

Mover in Groningen for every budget

Fast Boys is a moving company where everyone can go. We are always looking for a solution for every budget. Our movers take your financial possibilities into account when drawing up the quote and they ensure that our proposal fits in perfectly with this. We stick to the agreed amount at all times and you will not be bothered by hidden costs. Moreover, we do everything we can to minimize the costs of the move as much as possible. Thanks to our efficient working method, we have an extremely competitive price list that our competition cannot match.

A top team of experienced movers

Fast Boys is known throughout Groningen as a professional, reliable and correct moving company. We owe our good reputation to a large extent to our team. All our employees are real professionals with years of experience. They know exactly how to start a move and they try to complete each assignment as well as possible. Moreover, all our movers are full of energy and they start every day motivated. Thanks to their good mood and cheerful character, the moving day flies by and you don't suffer from stress or fatigue at any time.

Our Fast Boys work throughout Groningen

Our movers have been active throughout Groningen and the surrounding area for many years. They know how to reach every street and where to park. You can call on our moving company for moves to the center of Groningen as well as for moving jobs to the outskirts of the city. We have helped people move in the following neighborhoods in Groningen in recent months:

  • Inner city
  • Painters and Zeeheldenwijk
  • Oranjewijk
  • Korrewegwijk
  • Oosterparkwijk
  • Oosterpoort district
  • Herewegwijk and Helpman
  • City park district
  • Hoogkerk
  • North dike

With good preparation, you can move to Groningen smoothly and quickly

As we have mentioned a few times, our movers use a very efficient working method. Before each move, they schedule an exploratory meeting with the customer. During this first meeting, the progress of the moving job is recorded and any special wishes or requirements are put on paper. Our employees then draw up a clear schedule. They follow this schedule very strictly and any problems will be discussed with you first. This way you will not be faced with unexpected surprises at any time and the entire moving job will proceed as you had in mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I prepare for the move? 2024-05-01T05:33:11+02:00

We recommend packing as much stuff as possible in moving boxes. Then write on the box what the destination of the box is. This way the movers know where the moving box should go. Make a moving box that you will need immediately after the move. Then you don't have to look for it. Make sure there is sufficient parking space for the removal van during the move.

What should I prepare for the move? 2024-05-29T06:37:43+02:00

We recommend packing as much stuff as possible in moving boxes. Then write on the box what the destination of the box is. This way the movers know where the moving box should go. Make a moving box that you will need immediately after the move. Then you don't have to look for it. Make sure there is sufficient parking space for the removal van during the move.

Can I help during the move? 2024-05-29T06:36:47+02:00

We work on an hourly basis. If you enlist your friends and family to help with the move, that will of course save time. This naturally results in a lower bill.

What does a move in Groningen cost? 2023-05-04T13:55:26+02:00

The costs for a move in Groningen depend on the type of move. You can hire a mover from as little as €35 per hour and renting a removal lift costs €60 per hour. Would you like to receive a tailor-made offer? Then fill in the quote form and receive a quote for your move within 24 hours.

Rental of removal lifts in Groningen

There are many people who prefer to arrange their move themselves. Transport is often a problem in this case, especially if you move to a high floor. That is why we also rent out moving lifts at Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens. A moving lift consists of an extendable ladder and a very sturdy platform. Moving lifts easily lift heavy objects. By renting a moving lift from us, you don't have to carry your furniture up a narrow stairwell yourself and you avoid any damage. Moreover, this way you save a lot of time and you do not overload your muscles at any time.

Tailor-made removals

Our service package includes many types of removals and removal services. However, it may happen that you are looking for a different type of move or that there are special conditions attached to the move job. Every move is unique and that is why at Snellejongens we also offer tailor-made moves in Groningen. Our movers adapt their working method to your needs and ensure that they take all requirements into account at all times. All you have to do to use this service is to contact our employees. You indicate what you need exactly and our movers will immediately look for a suitable approach.

Request a free quote for your move to or from Groningen

Are you moving to Groningen and would you like to outsource your move to us? Then give us a call or send us an e-mail. Our employees will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an initial meeting. They calmly explain the different options to you and they send you some information. After the first meeting, they immediately get to work and send you a free quote. This way you get a clear picture of our low prices and you can make a correct and well-considered choice.