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Moving company Arnhem

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Are you looking for a professional moving company in Arnhem? Then you have come to the right place at the Fast Boys Moving Company. We only work with professional movers who provide craftsmanship. Thanks to our fast and cheap service, every move goes smoothly and you will not suffer from moving stress at any time.

Would you like more information about our options and our rates? Then take it right away with us. and we are happy to explain what we can do for you!


A professional and experienced moving company in Arnhem

Fast Boys has already helped a lot of people move from, to and within Arnhem. We know how tiring and how difficult a move can be and we will take over the entire moving job from you in a professional manner. We make sure that the entire move goes according to your wishes and that you can quickly move into your new home. By outsourcing the move to our professional and driven moving company, you also save a lot of time. While we take care of the heavy work, you can arrange the administration or you can already clean the new home.

An all-round moving company in Arnhem

At Fast Boys Moving Company we want to provide everyone with the best possible service and we therefore offer a complete package of services. You can hire us for the following jobs, among others:

Are you looking for a specific moving service that is not in the list? Then don't hesitate to contact us. At Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens, we know that no move is the same and we also offer tailor-made moves. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you and together we look for a suitable solution.

What makes the Fast Boys Moving Company unique?

Many different moving companies can be found in Arnhem. At Snellejongens, however, we stand out for our fast service, our high-quality removals and our low prices. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed a very efficient working method. We therefore carry out every moving job as quickly as possible, while not losing sight of the quality of our work. In addition, we constantly try to keep costs down and therefore offer our services at a very low price. Fast Boys moving company constantly impresses the customers and it is not for nothing that we are considered the best moving company in Arnhem.

Moving quickly and smoothly in Arnhem

Our name, Snellejongens, speaks for itself: fast service is central to us. We know how difficult a move can be and we do everything we can to complete the move as quickly as possible. We therefore ensure thorough preparation and clear planning. Furthermore, we always keep to the agreements made and we try to meet all your wishes and requirements. Moreover, we are flexible. If the move is unexpectedly delayed, we will simply continue working a little longer. The work is therefore not stopped unnecessarily at any time and we deliver the move at the agreed time.

High-quality and safe relocation in Arnhem

In addition to speed, the quality of our work is also very important. We know how difficult it is to entrust valuables to a moving company and we therefore constantly protect your entire belongings against any damage. Our movers therefore only work with professional moving equipment, ranging from handy moving lifts to sturdy packing boxes and protective moving blankets. In addition, we have equipped our moving vans with a protective layer on the inside, making transport safe at all times. After all, all our employees are professionally trained. They therefore have the necessary knowledge to ensure that the move runs smoothly and they know exactly how to handle valuables.

Budget-friendly moving in Arnhem

Finally, we also work at very fair rates. We are constantly working to cut costs and thus ensure very attractive prices. Moreover, we always try to find a suitable solution for every budget. Together we look at your personal situation and discuss the various options. We listen carefully to your needs and based on this we draw up a suitable offer. At Fast Boys moving company, we ensure that everyone can use our services and we therefore work with all types of customers.

A moving service for the entire city of Arnhem

Fast Boys removal company has years of experience with removals in Arnhem and we know the city through and through. We work throughout Arnhem and the surrounding area, from the city center to the suburbs. For example, we recently realized relocations in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Centrum
  • Nail quarters
  • Arnhem Pants
  • Presikhaaf West
  • Presikhaaf East
  • Sint Marten and Sonsbeek South
  • Klarendal
  • Velperweg and surroundings
  • Alteveer and Cranevelt
  • Goat camp
  • Monk houses
  • Burgemeesterswijk and Hoogkamp
  • Schaarsbergen
  • Heijenoord and Lombok
  • Klingelbeek
  • Malburgen West
  • Malburgen-East (North)
  • Malburgen-East (South)
  • Vredenburg and Kronenburg
  • Elden
  • Elderfield
  • The Laar
  • Rijkerswoerd
  • Schuytgraaf

Good preparation is essential

Our moving company wants every move to go smoothly and smoothly and we prepare every job thoroughly. That is why we always organize an exploratory meeting first. During this introductory meeting you indicate what your expectations are and whether you have any special wishes. We then adapt our working method to your needs and draw up a clear schedule. During the move, we try to stick to this schedule as much as possible and we do everything we can to deliver the move on time. It is important that you provide us with all important information. In this way we can prepare for any problems and we will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Difficult objects

Are you planning to do the move yourself? Only, are you still trying to figure out how to move the hard-to-move furniture? At times like this, Snellejongens is called in for a partial removal of the household effects. You can easily call on us to move large, heavy objects. Because we take this off your hands, you don't have to worry about the large contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a moving lift? 2024-03-25T07:02:47+02:00

A moving lift is a vehicle that can move mobile with an extendable lift vertically upwards. You can store up to 400 kilos of stuff here. The removal lift is intended to save time, or when goods do not fit through the lift or the stairs. You can also use a removal lift purely for extra comfort and convenience.

For example, all items, up to 400 kg and up to the 9th floor (27 meters), can be brought down or up without difficulty with the removal lift and, if necessary, they can be raised just as easily with the removal lift at the new location.

How far in advance should I report a move? 2024-05-29T06:37:19+02:00

The earlier you reserve the date, the greater the chance that the desired date is available. Please take this into account at least three weeks in advance. Of course there is a chance to discuss a moving date in the short term, if we are available on the desired date.

Can I help during the move? 2024-05-29T06:36:47+02:00

We work on an hourly basis. If you enlist your friends and family to help with the move, that will of course save time. This naturally results in a lower bill.

When is it wise to rent a moving lift? 2023-12-13T08:06:08+02:00

When moving from or to a terraced or detached house, a moving elevator not necessary. When moving from or to a flat or apartment on the first floor or higher, we often recommend using a removal lift to make the move go quickly and smoothly.

What does a move in Arnhem cost? 2023-05-04T15:19:36+02:00

The costs for a move in Arnhem depend on the type of move. You can hire a mover from as little as €35 per hour and renting a removal lift costs €60 per hour. Would you like to receive a tailor-made offer? Then fill in the quote form and receive a quote for your move within 24 hours.

Request a quote from the Fast Boys Moving Company

Are you moving to or from Arnhem soon and are you looking for professional help? Fast Boys saves you from the emergency. We are happy to take over the moving job for you and we always ensure an excellent result. Contact us now for more information and immediately receive a tailor-made quote free of charge!