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Moving company Apeldoorn

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You can move smoothly and carefree from or to Appeldoorn with Snellejongens. We are, after all, a professional moving company in Apeldoorn which always does an excellent job. Moreover, we have very competitive rates and we always work as quickly as possible. Would you like more information about our moving service? Then contact us immediately and receive a free quote.


A professional moving company in Apeldoorn

Fast Boys is a driven moving company that can handle both large and small removals. Because quality is so important to us, we only work with the best moving material and with active and enthusiastic staff. Thanks to our many years of experience, we also know perfectly how to quickly and safely bring different types of moving jobs to a successful conclusion. In addition, we tailor our working method to your personal preferences. Moving company Snelle Boys always tries to meet all your wishes and therefore never disappoints.

The wide range of services of the Fast Boys Moving Company

The possibilities of our moving company are endless. You can therefore engage us for various services:

Do you need help with a different type of move or do you have special wishes? No problem! You can also contact us for tailor-made removals. We adapt to every situation and always ensure an optimal end result!

How does Sneljongens differ from the competition?

There are a lot of moving companies in Apeldoorn. However, the Fast Boys removal company stands out for its unique combination of fast service, the high quality of the work and the competitive prices. Our employees are experienced movers and therefore know perfectly how to handle a move. Moreover, we assist you from start to finish and we always work efficiently. This unique approach is therefore the basis of the excellent reputation that Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens has built up in Apeldoorn.

Speed ​​is key

A fast service is central to us. A move involves a lot of work and without the right approach, the job can take days. However, as an experienced moving company, we always work efficiently and ensure that you can enter your new home as quickly as possible. In addition, our movers continue to work in the evenings and weekends. The work is not stopped at any time and we deliver the new home very quickly.

High-quality and safe removals in Apeldoorn

A move must not only be carried out quickly, all belongings must also be transferred undamaged from the old home to the new home. At Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens, we therefore use professional moving equipment, such as handy moving lifts, spacious moving vans and sturdy packaging material. All our employees are also professionally trained. They therefore always handle your belongings with care and constantly protect all your belongings against damage. You can therefore confidently entrust all your furniture and other valuables to Moving Company Snelle Boys.

Move cheaply in Apeldoorn with Moving Company Fast Boys

A final spearhead of our moving company is our low price. Thanks to our unique approach, we are constantly reducing costs and can therefore move very cheaply in Apeldoorn. In addition, we always prepare a tailor-made offer. During an introductory meeting you indicate what your wishes and expectations are. We then provide a proposal that fits your personal situation and budget perfectly. At Fast Boys Moving Company, we always look for a suitable solution for every assignment, so that everyone can use our services.

Moving in all areas of Apeldoorn

Fast Boys removal company knows the city of Apeldoorn through and through. We are therefore active in every neighbourhood. We have recently carried out removals in the following districts:

  • Apeldoorn Centre
  • Apeldoorn west
  • Apeldoorn Southwest
  • Apeldoorn South
  • Apeldoorn Southeast
  • Apeldoorn East
  • Apeldoorn Northeast
  • Apeldoorn North
  • uddel
  • High Soeren
  • Hoenderloo
  • Loenen
  • Beekbergen
  • Winches
  • Klarenbeek
  • Wenem, Wiesel and Beemte

A professional moving service in Apeldoorn

Our movers are enthusiastic professionals with a passion for their profession. Thanks to their many years of experience, they bring every possible relocation job to a successful conclusion. You can therefore not only go to Moving Company Fast Boys for private and business removals. We offer various specialized services, such as a senior relocation or the evacuation of a home. In addition, we always keep some space free in our planning for any urgent relocations. In the case of an urgent move, we get to work immediately and provide a very fast and very professional service.

Good preparation is half the job

A smooth move is only possible with thorough preparation. We therefore always schedule an introductory meeting. During this conversation you indicate what your requirements and expectations are. We then tailor our working method to your wishes and together we draw up a clear schedule. We also discuss how you can help us during the move, so that the move is completed as quickly as possible. We do ask you to provide us with all relevant information in a timely manner. In this way we can prepare ourselves optimally and we will not be faced with surprises at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I help during the move? 2024-05-01T05:33:36+02:00

We work on an hourly basis. If you enlist your friends and family to help with the move, that will of course save time. This naturally results in a lower bill.

What should I prepare for the move? 2024-05-01T05:33:11+02:00

We recommend packing as much stuff as possible in moving boxes. Then write on the box what the destination of the box is. This way the movers know where the moving box should go. Make a moving box that you will need immediately after the move. Then you don't have to look for it. Make sure there is sufficient parking space for the removal van during the move.

How far in advance should I report a move? 2024-05-29T06:37:19+02:00

The earlier you reserve the date, the greater the chance that the desired date is available. Please take this into account at least three weeks in advance. Of course there is a chance to discuss a moving date in the short term, if we are available on the desired date.

How much does a move in Apeldoorn cost? 2023-05-04T15:20:46+02:00

The costs for a move in Apeldoorn depend on the type of move. You can hire a mover from as little as €35 per hour and renting a removal lift costs €60 per hour. Would you like to receive a tailor-made offer? Then fill in the quote form and receive a quote for your move within 24 hours.

When is it wise to rent a moving lift? 2023-12-13T08:06:08+02:00

When moving from or to a terraced or detached house, a moving elevator not necessary. When moving from or to a flat or apartment on the first floor or higher, we often recommend using a removal lift to make the move go quickly and smoothly.

Request a quote right away from the Fast Boys Moving Company

Are you moving from or to Apeldoorn soon and would you like to use our services? Request a non-binding quote using the form below. You can always contact us by phone or email to request more information. Our specialists listen carefully to the details of your move and then prepare a tailor-made offer free of charge.