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Urgent move

Moving company Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel

Are you moving urgently and are you looking for a moving company that can help you immediately? We are happy to take care of your concerns. Please contact one of our employees to discuss availability. Do you have to move today for whatever reason? Then we advise you to contact us by phone. We make a price agreement by telephone and ensure that we can start today.

Specialist in emergency relocations

At Fast Boys Moving Company, we know better than anyone that it can happen that you have to move urgently. With more than 10 years of experience in emergency removals, we can call ourselves specialists in this field. It is an exciting situation, but with the right guidance, we ensure that the move goes smoothly.

Reporting an emergency move at the last minute is no problem for us. Whether it's one house clearance, an senior relocation or a company relocation go. Due to our flexibility, there is always room to schedule an emergency move in the short term. That also makes the Fast Boys Moving Company one of the best moving companies in the region.

For urgent removals, the Fast Boys Moving Company is there for you. You can choose which services you want to use. You do this by filling in the form completely quotation form. On the basis of this quotation form, we can put together a tailor-made quotation for you. In addition to transport, we can also provide you with:

  • House clearance
  • Packing and unpacking the boxes
  • Furniture assembly

Why an emergency move?

The reason for an emergency move can have various causes. You will receive the key to your new home sooner than expected, which means that you urgently need a moving company. Or because of the sudden death of your partner, you have decided to live elsewhere. At the start of the move you realize what a big undertaking a move is. Does this impending worry worry you too much and you can no longer oversee the move yourself? Call in Fast Boys Removals for an emergency move.

Advantages and disadvantages of an emergency move

There are several advantages and disadvantages to an emergency move. The big advantage of an urgent move is that you move to your new home or business premises in a very short time. You can soon pick up the thread in your new home and you will quickly have your belongings again. In consultation we can take care of assembling the furniture for you. This way you will quickly feel at home in your new home.

Unfortunately, an emergency move also has a number of disadvantages. Because you are moving urgently, you have little time to prepare for the move that is coming. Due to the short preparation time, you may be less precise when packing the household effects. That is why it is so wise to call in a professional moving company for an emergency move. A moving company that works in a structured way, even when the urgency is high, so that the move runs smoothly.


The prices are no different than with a normal move. Fill in the quotation form as accurately as possible. Based on the information entered, we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

No. We are happy to visit you and always provide a quote that you also receive in writing. You can only confirm at a later time whether you will use the offer yes or no and only then will we have an agreement.

This depends on the current occupancy. If we have room in our schedule, the move can be realized in a very short period of time.

We can also provide cleaning and repair work. We can also take care of small removals (for example to a care institution) in combination with an eviction.

We can assemble and install the furniture in your new home for an additional charge. This way you can focus on something else and you will quickly feel at home in your new home.

Request a quote for an urgent move

Are you curious what the moving rates are for an emergency move? Then request a non-binding offer. We are also happy to visit you at home or at the office to discuss everything. We do our utmost to provide you with the best possible service.