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Senior Relocation

senior relocation

It is pleasant for older people to move to a smaller senior home. Many seniors therefore opt for a senior move. This type of moving job is similar to a normal private move, although there is a little more to it. At Verhuisbedrijf Snelle Jongens we have therefore studied this type of removals extra deeply. Our movers know how to... senior relocation must be arranged correctly so that everyone feels comfortable during the work.

Would you like to know more about our approach and would you like to receive a no-obligation quote? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees are happy to explain to you how we handle a senior move and what costs you should take into account!

What exactly is a senior move?

At some point, a big house becomes too much for elderly people. It is more pleasant for seniors to stay in an adapted compact home. The entire interior has been adapted to their age, making them feel very safe and comfortable. Because older people have lived in the same house for a long time, a senior home is something very sensitive. Seniors often have to say goodbye to a large portion of their personal belongings, making the entire moving day a very emotional experience.

What are the considerations of a senior move?

Moving company Snelle Jongens is an experienced and professional company that adapts their working methods to the type of move. When moving for seniors, we take various things into account. First and foremost, we try to work quickly. Seniors tire quickly, so we complete the entire moving job in one day. We also give them enough time before moving day to organize their belongings. This way they can calmly decide which belongings they take with them and which things they say goodbye to. Finally, we assist the seniors throughout the entire process. They can contact our movers at any time, so they certainly feel safe and understood.

The targeted approach of Moving Company Snelle Boys

The movers from Verhuisbedrijf Snelle Jongens use a very efficient working method. First and foremost, we thoroughly prepare the entire job. We give you enough time to select which items need to go to the new home. If necessary, we can also guide you in this. Furthermore, we listen carefully to all requirements and wishes. We adapt our approach to your needs and we ensure that the entire moving job goes the way you want!

The complete package of services from Verhuisbedrijf Snelle Jongens

Snelle Jongens moving company is a complete company moving company. In addition to senior relocations, you can contact us for all possible moving jobs. We also offer various specialized moving services:

Some moving jobs require a special approach. In this case there are certain wishes and requirements that we must take into account. We therefore also offer tailor-made removals. We adapt our working method to your needs, so that the entire job runs according to your expectations.

Why outsource a senior move to us?

Snelle Jongens moving company distinguishes itself from the competition in various ways. This is first and foremost due to our fast and correct service. Thanks to our clear preparation, we can work very quickly. For seniors, the move is often a stressful event and we therefore do everything we can to move the entire household contents in one day. In addition, we take the quality of our work into account at all times. We only use the best moving materials, so that all your belongings are protected against damage at all times!

Affordable senior moves by Verhuisbedrijf Snelle Jongens

Another advantage of Verhuisbedrijf Snelle Jongens is our affordable service. Our rates are extremely competitive and we try to keep costs down as much as possible during the move. We know better than anyone that a moving job involves a lot of costs and we therefore always try to work as cheaply as possible. Moreover, we also look at your budget. Before we start the job, we will discuss your financial situation. We then look for a solution that suits your options, so that you do not have to worry about the costs.

Complete or partial senior relocations

Flexibility is a priority for us. You can therefore choose to outsource the move completely or partially to us. If we take care of the entire job, you don't have to worry about anything. We help with packing, transport and organizing the new home. However, you can also choose to only use certain moving services. For example, many seniors choose to leave only the transport to Verhuisbedrijf Snelle Jongens.

Senior relocations throughout the country

Snelle Jongens moving company is active throughout the Netherlands. It doesn't matter in which region you live, we always look for a suitable solution. From Friesland to North Holland and Brabant, we have specialists in every region who are happy to arrange your entire moving job for you. They know where every village is located and they ensure that they always choose the shortest route. Moreover, they are also aware of the possible parking spaces. Before they start the moving job, they look at where they can park their large moving truck. This way they don't waste any time and can start working immediately.

Temporary storage space for some of the contents

A senior move usually involves a move to a smaller home. Of course, this also means that not all items go with you to the new house. Elderly people often choose to give away some of their belongings to relatives or thrift stores. We offer a storage facility at Verhuisbedrijf Snelle Jongens for all things that you want to keep for a while. In our storage space you can store your personal belongings at a very attractive price until you have found a destination for them.

Request a quote today

Are your (grand)parents going to move soon or are you, as a senior citizen, going to move yourself and would you like to hire Snelle Jongens Removal Company to manage the entire senior move? Please call us or send us an email. Our employees will contact you as soon as possible and will be happy to explain the various options to you. They indicate how we will work and they also listen to any wishes or requirements. After the first introduction, they immediately prepare a tailor-made quotation without obligation. This way you can immediately get acquainted with our competitive prices and know which costs you should definitely take into account!