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Rent a moving lift?

Rent a moving lift

Are you moving to a flat or an apartment on the first floor or higher? Then you often have to carry a lot and climb the stairs hundreds of times. In addition, it is often pushing and pulling on the sofa that just fits through the house stairwell. Your back and the rest of your body will also have to endure a lot during the move.

Thanks to our moving elevator this is all a thing of the past and you can be sure that the move will go smoothly. At Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens, we have various moving lifts with a maximum height of up to 27 metres. We also have the knowledge, manpower and the necessary experience to operate the removal lift.

A moving lift for every job

Because we have different lifts, we have the right solution for every moving job. Our moving lifts can reach a height of up to 27 metres. This allows us to realize relocations up to the 9th floor or floor. And all this at very competitive rates. When you rent a moving lift from us, one of our employees will install and operate the moving lift. They will of course also help with loading and unloading the removal lift.

In addition to a move, the lift can be used for other purposes. How about installing solar panels or installing a kitchen. Our removal lifts have also been used several times to place new fitness equipment in a gym. Furthermore, a moving lift is often used when moving;

  • Pianos
  • safes
  • Beds
  • Large couches
  • Clossets
Rent a moving lift

How can I rent a moving lift?

Do you want to rent a moving lift? This can easily be done by calling or emailing us. Our removal lifts are often available immediately. If you urgently need a removal lift, it is useful to contact us by telephone. Our moving lift specialists are happy to answer your questions.

Renting a moving lift has never been easier. You can also indicate whether you want to hire extra movers in addition to the removal lift. Our well-trained movers are happy to do the heavy lifting during the move.

The advantages of a moving lift

  • You save a lot of time
  • You rent a moving lift including professional movers
  • Available on weekends at no extra cost
  • A tailor-made removal lift for every job
  • Our removal lifts can be deployed quickly, so also for emergency removals
  • The moving lift takes a lot of lugging out of your hands

What should I take into account when renting a removal lift?

When renting a moving lift, there are a number of things that you should take into account. The lift can be placed a maximum of 10 meters from the building. Another important part of the preparation is measuring the moving items to see if they will fit through the windows of the new address. Also, the lift cannot be placed on a soft surface such as grass or sand. Finally, the moving lift has a lifting capacity of 400 kg, so that no heavier objects can be lifted.

In which regions can I rent a moving lift?

Our removal lifts can be rented throughout the Randstad and far beyond. We are like moving company can be used nationwide and you can rent our removal lifts in the following cities:

Frequently asked questions about a moving lift

What is a moving lift? 2024-03-25T07:02:47+02:00

A moving lift is a vehicle that can move mobile with an extendable lift vertically upwards. You can store up to 400 kilos of stuff here. The removal lift is intended to save time, or when goods do not fit through the lift or the stairs. You can also use a removal lift purely for extra comfort and convenience.

For example, all items, up to 400 kg and up to the 9th floor (27 meters), can be brought down or up without difficulty with the removal lift and, if necessary, they can be raised just as easily with the removal lift at the new location.

Can I use a removal lift myself? 2021-12-22T06:04:29+02:00

The insurance does not allow this. A moving lift is a device that is operated by a specially trained person. This way we can optimally guarantee our safety and that of others during the move.

What is the load capacity of a moving lift? 2022-07-27T07:33:45+02:00

The removal lifts that we use all have a maximum load capacity of 400 kilos.

How high can a moving lift go? 2022-07-27T07:33:22+02:00

The removal lifts we use can reach a height of 27 metres. This is about the 9th floor of a normal flat.

Request a quote from the Fast Boys Moving Company

Are you curious what the moving rates are for renting a removal lift and what we can do for you? Then request a non-binding offer. We are also happy to visit you at home or at the office to discuss everything. We do our utmost to provide you with the best possible service.