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Private relocation

Company relocation

Found a new house or a cozy apartment? Then it's time to move! A private move is probably one of the most stressful times in your life. These moving jobs take up a lot of time and are often very chaotic. Fortunately, you can count on Moving Company Fast Boys. We are an experienced moving company that organizes private removals throughout the Netherlands.

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The stress of a private move

A private move is a major event. You don't just change your home, you also have to deal with a completely different environment. Your children will go to a different school, you will have to change your whole routine and everyday life will look completely different. Because there is much more to a private move than just moving your things, it is a good idea to call in a moving company. While the moving company takes care of the physical part, you can get used to your new life and explore your new neighborhood.

Why leave a private move to us?

Fast Boys is a driven and reliable moving company that you can use throughout the Netherlands. The customer is central to us and we take all your wishes into account at all times. We constantly think along with you and we give you useful tips to make your entire moving job run more smoothly. Our unique working method and our excellent service have made us a specialist in private removals.

How do we approach a private move?

A private move requires a very structured approach. We try to unburden our customers completely, so that they don't have to worry about anything and are spared the stress of moving. To make this possible, we prepare every moving job thoroughly and we always draw up a clear and feasible schedule. We adapt our working method to your needs and we discuss the entire relocation process with you in advance. This way you always know where you stand and you get a clear picture of the progress of the moving day.

Fast and flexible movers

Individuals are looking for a moving company that moves quickly. With a name like Fast Boys, you know you've come to the right place. Our movers follow the established schedule closely and carry out the entire moving job very quickly. Moreover, they try to eliminate delays by working a little longer in the evening. By the way, you can go to Snellejongens at any time of the day. We know that it is not always possible to move during the day. However, our movers are incredibly flexible and have no problem carrying out your move during the weekend.

Private removals without damage

Many people find it difficult to leave their personal belongings to a moving company. Our Fast Boys therefore only use modern and professional moving equipment. They have various moving boxes, moving blankets and packing material. This way they can properly protect all your belongings and they are sure that everything will arrive in the new home undamaged. We also have various moving vans in different sizes. For a small move of just a few items, we use a small van, while for large private moves we choose a spacious and fully equipped truck.

Moving at the best price

Private removals do not have to be expensive at all. By leaving the moving job to our employees, you can be sure that you will not pay too much. Thanks to our targeted approach, we avoid many problems and minimize the number of working hours. We also take your available budget into account when drawing up the quotation. We carefully examine your financial options and which solution best suits your situation. This way you move very cheaply and you don't have to worry about the economic side of the move.

All activities that come with a private move

A private move involves much more than just transporting the household effects. That's why we offer a lot of additional services at Snellejongens:

  • Cleaning the old house
  • Assembling and disassembling your furniture
  • The transport of large objects and white goods
  • Installation of white goods
  • Debris disposal
  • Assistance with loading and unloading
  • Doing chores in the new house

You can use our movers for the entire move or you can outsource only part of the move. Our movers also offer tailor-made private removals. This means that they take into account all special requests and that they fully adapt to your requirements.

Removal lifts for private removals to a higher floor

A private move is not easy, especially if you move to a high floor. You have to get all the stuff up in a safe way. At Snellejongens we set a moving elevator in. A removal lift consists of a sturdy platform that is electrically controlled. A moving lift lifts your entire household contents up and brings all your belongings in through the window. The chance of damage is minimal this way and you save a lot of energy.

Store your belongings in our furniture storage

A move is often the perfect opportunity to throw away old stuff. While packing, you make a selection of the things you still need and the items you give away or throw away. Now it may be that you want to give away certain things, but you don't have a place to keep them temporarily. In this case you can use our furniture storage use. The furniture storage is also an ideal solution if you urgently need to leave your old house, but your new home is not ready yet. This way you can store all your belongings in a safe way and you can finish your new home in peace.

Fast Boys moving company for all possible removals

Fast Boys is not only the place to go for private removals. We are an all-round moving company that brings all possible removals to a successful conclusion:

We use a specific approach for each type of relocation, so that the entire relocation job runs smoothly and correctly. For example, during business relocations we constantly think about the production process and we take into account the emotional side of a senior relocation at all times. Fast Boys always thinks along with the customer and does everything possible to achieve an excellent end result.

Motivated and experienced movers

It is always nice when a private move takes place in a light-hearted atmosphere. Our cheerful movers always take care of this. They start a new assignment very enthusiastically and their good mood brings life to the brewery. In addition, all our employees are professionally trained and know what they are doing. They work very correctly and they communicate with the customer all the time. Thanks to the professionalism of our employees, you will feel at ease during the entire move. Our movers are therefore the basis of our high customer satisfaction and our excellent reputation throughout the Netherlands.

Request a quote for your future private move right away

Have you found a new home and are you looking for a moving company that will take over the entire private move for you? Then look no further. Fast Boys moving company takes care of everything for you. Call our employees or send us an e-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an initial meeting. This way you can explain what you are looking for and what you expect from us. Our movers then choose an appropriate approach and also prepare a quote without obligation. This way you get a clear picture of our spectacular prices and you immediately see why you should choose Moving Company Snelle Boys!