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House clearance

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When someone dies or is forced to leave their home, in many cases there is one house clearance necessary. The most important items are removed from the house and the house must then be evacuated quickly and professionally. After the evacuation, the house will be returned clean.

Fast Boys moving company supports families and companies in this process. You first determine which items you want to keep and when applicable, you instruct us to remove the rest of the household effects quickly and professionally for you. We can also professionally clean the house and, for example, completely remove the carpet.

Specialist in home clearance

From a house in a flat to a large commercial building. No job is too crazy for us. We can clear any home or business premises in a professional manner. Anyone who wants to clear his or her home can use our services. Do you want more information about our service? Read on for more information and about our working method.

A home evacuation often occurs in the following situations:

  • A moving
  • Bankruptcy
  • Passing away
  • In a divorce
  • Sale of a home

Delivered your home broom clean after an eviction

When it comes to house clearance, you often have enough on your mind. You are busy with your new home, so you don't have time to vacate your old home or deliver it broom clean. That is why you can call in Moving Company Fast Boys. We ensure that your old belongings are removed from the house and that they are delivered broom clean. It's so nice that you can focus on the future, namely your new home.

Urgent house clearance?

It is often very annoying when a home or business space has to be evacuated urgently. These situations mainly occur after the death, when the home must be prepared for the new occupant. For example, a home in a nursing home. In the event of bankruptcy, the business premises must also be vacated quickly and be delivered in their original condition. We at Moving Company Snelle Boys can provide your home or business premises with a fast and professional urgent home evacuation. We are available 7 days a week for urgent jobs. Take right away contact Contact us to schedule an emergency evacuation.


That depends on the situation. Is there a lot of leftover property and is it negotiable, how big is the house, the condition of the house, the location (porch, elevator, etc), carpeting pasted or not, amount of residual waste, etc. Actually, we can only really determine the price by to see the house and to view and assess the different situations with you. This one, always non-binding, offers is free.

No. We are happy to visit you and always provide a quote that you also receive in writing. You can only confirm at a later time whether you will use the offer yes or no and only then will we have an agreement.

In principle, we will always do this within the desired time that you have available to us. It is useful for us anyway to have a lead time of at least 2 weeks, more is always possible and less is negotiable.

No. We are also approached by civil-law notaries, care providers and/or caretakers of various institutions. It makes no difference to us who the client is. The service we provide remains the same.

We can also provide cleaning and repair work. We can also take care of small removals (for example to a care institution) in combination with an eviction.

If a household contents is not reusable or intended for a cycle, we can do that, but there will be (extra) costs involved. If it concerns household contents that have a market value for us, we can discuss this with you (without obligation). conversation to go.

We can also collect these goods from you. Partly depending on the location, certain costs will be involved.

Request a quote for a house clearance

Are you curious what the moving rates are for it rent a moving lift and what we can do for you? Then request a non-binding offer. We are also happy to visit you at home or at the office to discuss everything. We do our utmost to provide you with the best possible service.