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Choose the furniture storage of Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens

furniture storage

It will just happen to you. Your new construction project is unexpectedly delayed and your old home has already been sold. You must therefore find an intermediate solution as soon as possible. You can move into a smaller apartment or seek shelter with friends or family. But where do you go with all your stuff?

De furniture storage van Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens is the ideal solution in this case. We have secure and heated storage rooms in which you can store your belongings for both a short and a long period!


When does furniture storage come in handy?

Furniture storage is the ideal solution if you need extra space to temporarily store your belongings. There are several reasons why you need temporary storage space. It may be that you are going to renovate your home or that you have to go abroad temporarily. It is also very practical to store your belongings during a move. This way you can organize yourself better, so that you move more calmly and smoothly. Finally, a storage space is often used to store legacies. An inheritance usually concerns large valuable objects that you do not have room for in your current home. It is therefore an excellent idea to keep all items in a safe storage area until you find a suitable destination for the items.

The benefits of furniture storage

  • A practical solution to store your belongings safely
  • Your belongings cannot be damaged in the secure storage area
  • You can access your property at any time
  • Your household goods remain clean and dust-free
  • Help from professional movers
  • Relocations are faster and smoother
  • High-quality storage units at an attractive price
  • You can keep your home contents insurance

Why choose the household contents storage of Moving Company Fast Boys?

Fast Boys is a professional moving company that thinks along with you. We always look for a suitable solution for every situation and we therefore have a wide range of options. All our storage spaces are reliable, heated and safe, so you can entrust all your belongings to us with confidence.

Furthermore, we at Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens provide an excellent and complete service. Our movers can collect the items from you with a professional moving van. In this way you can be sure that your household effects will be moved safely and you will not have to make any unnecessary efforts yourself.

By the way, did you know that you can simply have your home contents insurance continue? All you have to do is inform your insurer of the temporary storage space and they will take care of the rest.

Various storage options

Whether you want to store a small part of your belongings or your entire household effects, you have come to the right place at Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens. We have different ways to store your belongings and our furniture storage is available for both short and longer periods.

Do you have a special request? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Thanks to our many years of experience and our various storage options, we can find a suitable solution for every situation. Everyone can therefore contact Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens with any storage problem.

How much does Fast Boys' furniture storage cost?

Our storage areas are safe, heated and meet the strictest requirements. Moreover, our furniture storage is a cheap solution. Other storage facilities are often expensive because they outsource part of the work to subcontractors. At Snellejongens we do not use intermediaries, which means we can significantly reduce costs.

The total costs for a storage unit depend on the amount of stuff you want to store and for how long you want to keep it with us. You can also choose to use professional transport. We have a collection service that is much cheaper than renting a van or a trailer.

Would you like more information about the different options and their price tag? Please feel free to contact us. Our specialists will calmly explain all options to you and provide you with a competitive quote within 24 hours obligation free quote.

Other services Fast Boys moving company

Moving company Snellejongens is a professional moving company where you can go for the following services in addition to furniture storage:

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have sufficient expertise to carry out any assignment quickly and professionally. Our movers therefore ensure that every move goes smoothly, without damage and completely according to your wishes!

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Do you want to use our furniture storage? Contact our specialists today for more information and receive a no-obligation quote right away. At Fast Boys Moving Company we try to provide everyone with the best possible service and we therefore provide a solution that fully matches your personal preferences!