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Company relocation

Company relocation

Fast Boys removal company not only focuses on private removals, but also has years of experience in corporate removals. A company relocation is a whole enterprise. Before, during and after the move there are a lot of things that you have to take into account. Good planning is therefore essential. At Snellejongens, we have sufficient expertise to limit production loss and we know how to handle business-sensitive information. Are you curious about how we work and what the costs are? Then contact us right away!


How do you approach a company relocation?

A company relocation requires a completely different approach than a private or senior relocation. With a business relocation, it is extremely important that the entire job is carried out quickly, correctly and in a coordinated manner. By properly preparing the entire move and drawing up a clear schedule, we at Snelle Boys ensure that the impact on the business processes is minimal. While we bring all the stuff to the new building, production can continue as usual and your company will not lose any income at all.

A relocation specialist for all possible company relocations

The movers of our moving company have years of experience with all possible corporate relocations and you can therefore come to us with any business relocation. We carry out the following company relocations, among others:

  • Office moves
  • Project relocations
  • Archive removals
  • Hotel relocations
  • Auction transport
  • Hospital transfers

Are you looking for a different business move? No problem! At Snellejongens, tailor-made company relocations are perfectly possible. Our movers are very flexible and know what to do with any company move. Do not hesitate to contact us so that our specialists can immediately come up with a suitable solution!

What do we do for the business relocation?

A company relocation is all about planning and coordination. We therefore recommend that you designate a person responsible or even set up a project group. Before the business move takes place, the wishes and needs of each individual department must be mapped out. It is also extremely important that all household effects are moved in a logical and structured manner. For example, it is a good idea to move each department separately, so that operational work does not come to a standstill at any time. Because there is an awful lot involved in a company relocation, we at Snelle Boys devote sufficient time and attention to the preparation. In this way we can work very efficiently and the entire business relocation runs smoothly and in a structured way.

How does a business move go?

During the company relocation, the predetermined time schedule must be strictly followed. Some services or departments will be temporarily unavailable and the company must of course know clearly when they can count on the staff again.

Furthermore, the safety of employees and household contents must be guaranteed at all times. The items that are moved during a move are often expensive and contain a lot of sensitive company information. By outsourcing the business move to our moving company, you can be sure that all items are protected against damage at all times and that everything arrives at the new building undamaged.

Fast Boys also assists you after moving

At Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens, we know how important a company relocation is and that is why we also assist you after the relocation job. We do everything we can to deliver your new office or workplace ready for use. You can therefore also count on our movers to carry out certain jobs in the new building. Think of hanging whiteboards, painting the walls or assembling any furniture. Thanks to our full service, your staff will immediately feel at home in the new working environment and they will be highly motivated to resume their work.

Why outsource your company relocation to Fast Boys?

At Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens, we know how much attention you need to pay to a company relocation and we are happy to take care of the entire job. During the preparation, we draw up the entire planning together with you and we constantly think along with you. In addition, our movers work very quickly and we offer our services at the best price. Fast Boys moving company provides excellent service and this is also the reason why we have built up an excellent reputation!

Fast and flexible movers

One of the biggest advantages of the Fast Boys Moving Company is the flexibility and fast working method of our movers. Our employees make every effort to follow the schedule at all times and work through the evenings or weekends without any problems. This also means that they can realize the business move at any time. They carry out the work when it suits you best. In this way, your company can continue to work and production is not jeopardized at all.

Business removals of the best quality

Finally, you can be sure of excellent quality at Snelle Boys. Our movers use modern and professional moving equipment. They only use sturdy moving boxes to move the household effects and they protect fragile items extra with moving blankets. They also have various roll containers, hand trucks and moving lifts to safely complete the move. In addition, they work very carefully and ensure that all items arrive in the new building undamaged.

Request a no-obligation quote for your business relocation now

Is your company moving to new premises or are you expanding? Then be sure to contact us. Fast Boys moving company can guide you during your entire company move. Our experts are happy to talk to you and explain clearly how we work. You then look together at your specific situation and immediately look for an appropriate approach. We will also send you a no-obligation quote free of charge. This way you get a clear picture of our competitive rates and you immediately understand why Verhuisbedrijf Snellejongens is the best choice!